How do I get a camshow with you?
First, its best to at least read over my home page to get a feel for what I like to do on cam before contacting me. Then, feel free to add me on skype and we can discuss how long of a show you'd like and what you're interested in doing on cam. After that, its simply either purchase the amount of time you'd like to play on cam with me. You'll find payment options on my contacts page.

When are you typically online?
I'm typically online at night 9am - 2pm cst. Sometimes you can catch me online at night on the weekends.

Do I have to purchase a show first or can I have a preview?

Yes, you have to buy a show first. I never do previews. When I'm online, I'm typically pretty busy. I don't have time to send my cam to ever random guy that wants to see me. I've been verified on cam by both sites and have a long list of reviews. If you insist on having a preview before purchasing, don't bother messaging. You won't change my mind and I have no interest in wasting my time.


Do I have to have a cam too?

No, but if you do and want to turn it on, Great! I especially love to see subbies obeying My commands. JOI is much more fun with cam 2 cam as well. 

Do you take paypal 
I do not take paypal. Don't ask.

Which site should I use for purchasing and why are your rates different on each site?

If you know about how much time you'd like, and don't care to use phone Cammodeldirectory is great. My rates there are less than Niteflirt because I make a higher percentage there. Its also nice for me to have an idea of how long I have to play or do a session. 
If you're not sure how long you'd like and would like to play it by ear, Niteflirt is perfect for that. Niteflirt uses your phone and simply charges you while you're on the phone with me. If you'd rather use skype audio instead of phone, that's ok too. We can simply mute both phones and use the audio thru skype while your phone is connected to Niteflirt. My rate on Niteflirt is a little higher because my percentage is less. 

Do you do outfit or toy requests?
I don't offer toys aside from wearing my strapon for those types of shows. Outfit requests are doable but they're usually an additional charge. The more difficult or specific the request, the more it will cost. IE - If you want to see me in a leather catsuit with stillettos or superhero costume with pigtail braids that's going to be a premium charge. Want to see me in a cute thong and bra - I might already be wearing that or can easily slip that on... so it probably won't cost anything.... unless you start getting specific - like - "I want to see you in a pair of red lacey thongs with a very tight red lacey bra." that would probably be $5 on top of your show, because its time consuming to go upstairs and try to hunt down something so specific.

What do you do in your camshows?

I get that question a lot. Its honestly, too lengthy and random to answer. My home page gives a good idea of some of the shows I do. However, my shows really vary. I'd say, I do a lot of Jerk Off Instructions, or Cum Eating Encouragement. I really love them but honestly, its a lot easier if you can give me an idea of what you're looking for in a show and we can see if its something I'm into. Usually, even if its a general idea, I'm good at takingyour ideas and building on them.

I see that you have taboo videos, do you do taboo things on cam?

Sometimes, depends on what you're looking for. Its usually a higher rate or its got to be something I don't feel is taboo. Things I won't do for any rate are bodily fluids, animals or underage play. I also don't do anal or ATM.

I'm a submissive that loves to spoil My mistress, do you have an Amazon wishlist?
Yes, but you'll have to serve online before getting a link to My Amazon wishlist.

Hopefully, I've answered some questions you might have. Seriously, feel free to add me on skype and message me. If I'm in a show, I might not respond immediately or I'll type a quick "brb". I'll get back to you. If I'm offline, you can also just leave me a message and I'll answer it when I'm back online.


Skype Cam FAQ